• Why do you have negative Google and online reviews?

    As pain practitioners, we often have to ask patients to make difficult choices. While that may make us unpopular, our ethical and clinical philosophy strongly instructs us to act in the best interest of the patient at all times, even if the patient disagrees with our recommendations.

    If we said yes to every request, we are confident we'd have consistently great reviews. But that would simply be the wrong thing to do and we believe such practices have invariably led to worse patient outcomes.

    We appreciate critical feedback at all times. If you as a patient, do not agree with our policies or recommendations, we kindly request that you address your concerns with the providers or administration so that we can move forward with the best possible solutions for patients and the practice.


  • What is your Medical Marijuana (MMJ) policy?

    Referring to both pain managment and MMJ can be controversial. Since there is limited research available at present for the treatment of pain with MMJ, there are is little available in the way of professional guidelines about how to treat patients with MMJ.

    This results in a large amount of variance as far as how practitioners choose to treat patients. There are some who look the other way, others who encourage the use of MMJ for pain, and yet others who discourage it, etc.

    We will gladly consider documentation and correspondence written by the MMJ-prescribing provider. Why a patient uses MMJ is important in determining whether it may be continued under the care of a pain specialist. MMJ is regularly prescribed and widely accepted as a treatment modality for certain conditions.

    Where MMJ meets pain can be an uncomfortable place for both patients and providers. The problem for us as practitioners is that we don't clearly understand what combining medication with MMJ does. At Sussex Pain Relief Center, we prioritize patient safety above all else. This is why we will not prescribe medication to MMJ patients. With their welfare in mind, we ask that they choose one modality for treatment of pain. We neither encourage nor discourage the use of MMJ and simply believe that while MMJ may hold potential for pain treatment, there is clearly a need for more research and discussion on the topic.

    Patients who choose not to discontinue their use of MMJ are always eligible to receive injections and other pain control therapies.

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