Mission, Vision, and Patient Values



We are an interventional pain practice which helps patients establish safe, sustainable habits so they take their life back.



Our vision is to become a full-service pain platform for patients to connect with services and goods that contribute to a greater quality of life for themselves, their families, and their communities.


Patient Values



As the patient, you set the agenda your medical team collaborates on. While it's important you actively engage and participate in the process, it's more important that you understand the role you really play in an office visit. Your role is as the LEADER of the group. You set the tone of the conversation, you make the choice to establish healthy behaviors. The decisions made by you and your medical team ultimately affect no one else as much as you.


Control what you can

The world is full of forces and events that lie beyond our ability to control. What we can control to some degree is what happens to us and how we respond to external factors. Patients have to be more proactive in assessing what is within their control and what they may have to just deal with as the nature of pain often exaggerates the uncertainties and anxieties associated with everyday life.


Postively sustainable

By identifying actions you can take yourself, you are empowered to act in your own best interest to live the life you choose. By focusing on what you can control, you can establish a safe and responsible lifestyle which enables you to define your quality of life on your own terms.

Postively sustainable practices should enable patients to thrive in all of life's moments. Maybe you bought the house of your dreams but now you're faced with the challenge of moving into it. Consider what kinds of habits, techniques, and planning you can fall back on. Perhaps, authorization protocols changed and your insurance no longer covers your treatment of choice. Consider what kinds of therapies are available and determine if you are eligible for alternative treatment options.


Self care

Taking care of yourself is an important part of life not least because of the family and friends who depend on you. It's important to schedule time to care for yourself so that you are able to persevere through everything life throws at you. Our practice understands what an imporant member of the community you are, therefore we expect you to make time to seek the treatment we recommend for you.



We are a 100% locally based and staffed private practice which is entirely self-funded. This means that the money we collect is what we use to pay staff and keep the lights on. If our business does not serve fiscally responsible patients, then our medical practice, the livelihoods of the staff members who work here, as well as the availability of pain specialist services in our community are all at risk.


Trust but verify

"If it’s not documented, it didn’t happen." At Sussex Pain Relief Center, we have been blessed with great patients. We take them for their word and we are happy to do it but we also understand that we need to submit documentation if we wish to communicate to insurance companies on their behalf. Nothing happens in our healthcare system without appropriate documentation to support it. Please be advised that our office will request documentation from you if there are any changes to your status or care. We are simply acting in your best interest when we do.

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