Our Value


Our Value


What do we do?

We provide pain solutions that are safe, accurate, and cutting-edge.


What does safe mean?


Credentials matter

Our program is run by a triple-board certified pain physician. Dr. Antony is board-certified in Anesthesiology, Pain Managment, and Interventional Pain Medicine. After completing her residency in anesthesiology at Texas Tech University, Dr. Antony went on to spend an additional two years receiving training in pan managment and interventional techniques.

All our practitioners are experienced and qualified to treat specifically pain patients. This means that in addition to their regular training as medical practitioners, they have received additional training and certification in treating chronic and acute pain patients.



Treatment matters

Sussex Pain Relief Center pracitioners focus on crafting a long-term treatment plan with a focus on drug-free pain therapies. In this day and age, sticking to a medication-only treatment plan is a risky proposition. There are several trends in our healthcare industry that discourage and prohibit the continuation of such care. While these trends show no sign of deceleration, our practice provides various options for pain as well a treatment plan customized to you. Our practitioners encourage and promote an interventional and complementary approach to pain medicine as the most positively sustainable route available for modern pain control.


Certifications matter


Our Georgetown facility is AAAHC-board certified in adherence with Delaware state law (16 Del. C ยง 122 (3) (y & z)) that requires offices in which invasive procedures are performed to obtain accreditation from an accreditation organization approved by the Department of Health and Social Services. Interventional pain procedures are considered invasive and therefore facilities which perform them are required to obtain certification from AAAHC, TJC, HFAP, AAAASF, or IMQ




What does accurate mean?


Precision medicine meets pain management

Interventional pain is the combination of technology plus research resulting in the emergence of evidence-based, precision-driven tools that enable pain practitioners to isolate the source of the pain and treat it at its origin. The introduction of interventional pain is yet another innovative tool in our proverbial toolkit that allows Sussex Pain Relief Center providers to offer patients drug-free, non-addictive options for pain relief. Interventional medicine is the natural outgrowth of the application of precision medicine to pain management.


Precision is key

In our effort to deliver accuracy in treatment at Sussex Pain Relief Center, we employ the use of live imaging (fluoroscopy), ultrasound guidance (U/S), EMGs, and diagnostic blocks. All of these technical tools are essential to diagnosing the condition a patient suffers from. Our dedication to precision allows us to identify the exact nerve causing pain so that we can target it for relief.


Evidence-based medicine

We follow professional guidelines that mandate strict ethical and professional guidelines which we implement throughout our office protocols. Evidence-based medicine emphasizes the use of the best, most current evidence available in medical decision-making. By integrating the best available research evidence with our proven clinical expertise and our high standard of care, Sussex Pain Relief Center is able to deliver exceptional pain specialist services to Sussex County patients.


What does cutting-edge mean?

New developments and technologies in the field of pain medicine continue to reshape how pain is treated. At Sussex Pain Relief Center, we constantly seek new methods of treatment we can offer our patients. Our clinicans rigorously update our treatment protocols to include recent breakthroughs and regularly attend conferences and lectures to broaden our knowledge on the subject. We commit time to process improvement and have worked hard to rework our clincial flow to reflect a more insightful approach to pain management. As emerging technologies and approaches evolve, we will work to ensure the patients of Southern Delaware benefit from them.


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