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Over 30 million American adults suffer from back pain today. If you’re among that group, Sussex Pain Relief Center in Georgetown and Lewes, Delaware, wants you to stop suffering needlessly. Manonmani Antony, MD, DABA, DABIPP, and her team offer comprehensive interventional pain management care for chronic back pain, with the goal of taking your life back as soon as possible. Call the office nearest you or use the online booking button now.

Back Pain Q & A

What is the difference between acute and chronic back pain?

Acute back pain is short-term pain, usually triggered by an injury, that typically goes away within a week. Chronic back pain goes on for weeks, months, even years. 

Some cases of back pain, like pain after an auto accident or workers' compensation (on-the-job) injury, start out as acute pain. The pain never abates as expected, however, and you're left with chronic back pain. Other cases of chronic back pain develop slowly, such as arthritis, that can be common due to spinal joint damage.

Whether you have acute or chronic back pain, it’s best to reach out for pain relief now. With all of the advanced new procedures available at Sussex Pain Relief Center, there’s no reason to hurt.

What happens during my first appointment for back pain?

The Sussex Pain Relief Center team performs an evaluation, including a physical exam and a medical history. During this time, you discuss your pain and your history of pain treatments. 

The team of interventional pain management specialists creates a personalized treatment plan and reviews it with you, taking the time to answer your questions as well. Your specialist can schedule your procedures, physical therapy, and all your other care to help you escape pain quickly.

What is the best way to stop back pain?

Your spine is just as unique as you are, and that’s why Sussex Pain Relief Center customizes your back pain relief. There are dozens of possible treatments for back pain, with some common approaches including: 

  • Minimally invasive lumbar decompression
  • Epidural injections
  • Joint injections
  • Trigger point injections
  • Bursa injections
  • Spinal nerve injections (selective nerve root injections)
  • Facet joint injections
  • Radiofrequency ablation
  • Intervertebral procedures like discography
  • Sympathetic nerve blocks
  • Peripheral nerve blocks
  • Sympathetic nerve ablation
  • Neuromodulation, including dorsal root ganglion and spinal cord stimulation
  • Vertebral interventions for compression fractures

In most cases, the Sussex Pain Relief Center team starts with the most conservative approach possible, such as epidural injections. If you don’t get adequate relief from the most conservative measures, you might move on to other, minimally invasive procedures such as radiofrequency ablation or spinal cord stimulation. 

The back pain treatments are only part of the approach, though. Sussex Pain Relief Center’s pain management approach encourages nondrug therapies and helps you work to reduce or eliminate opioid usage through safe, healthy new habits and goal setting. They’ll help you make sustainable changes and enjoy a pain-free life. 

Make your first move toward living without pain by calling Sussex Pain Relief Center or booking online now.