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About 70-90% of advanced-stage cancer sufferers experience cancer pain. Addressing that pain without detracting from your quality of life is ideal, and that’s where interventional pain management treatments at Sussex Pain Relief Center in Georgetown and Lewes, Delaware, can come in. If your current cancer pain relief plan is not sufficient or just isn’t working for you, reach out by phone or through the online scheduler to learn how Manonmani Antony, MD, DABA, DABIPP, and her team of compassionate specialists can help.

Cancer Pain Q & A

What is cancer pain like?

Cancer pain is different for each sufferer. It can vary based on how advanced the cancer is, where the tumors are, and other factors. Some cancer treatments can cause pain, as well. 

The cancer pain can vary from a near-constant dull ache to sharp and intermittent pain that makes you double over in agony. Also, having cancer doesn’t change the fact that you’re still vulnerable to ordinary pain like headaches, neck pain, and back pain that’s unrelated to the cancer. 

When do I need interventional care for cancer pain?

Although medication like opioids is traditionally the most common treatment for cancer pain, that approach doesn’t work for everyone. Not all patients respond well to opioids, and for some, they’re not very effective at all. 

That’s where interventional pain management can help. The state-of-the-art pain management solutions at Sussex Pain Relief Center give you pain management alternatives to beat the pain and improve your quality-of-life. 

How is cancer pain treated?

The approach to your cancer pain is highly customized based on your type of cancer, where your pain is, and other factors specific to your situation. In many cases, injections like nerve blocks can successfully deaden pain for as much as several months of relief. 

If injections aren’t successful in relieving your pain, the Sussex Pain Relief Center team may recommend advanced radiofrequency ablation treatments to destroy the nerves and prevent pain impulses for 6-18 months. Alternatively, an option like a spinal cord stimulator or dorsal root ganglion stimulator can mask pain signals to manage your pain. 

If you’re currently taking opioids and they’re effective in relieving some of your cancer pain, the goal isn’t to immediately halt all opioid consumption and leave you hurting. Rather, Sussex Pain Relief Center offers safe, reliable, pain relief alternatives that can work in conjunction with opioids for cancer pain if needed. 

Sussex Pain Relief Center also teaches you tips and strategies to help you enjoy the best health possible as you cope with cancer pain. 

The skilled interventional pain management specialists at Sussex Pain Relief Center take a compassionate approach to cancer pain relief. Reach out by phone or through the online appointment maker today to get the help you need.