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An independent medical evaluation is an impartial exam, performed by the pain specialists at Sussex Pain Relief Center in Georgetown and Lewes, Delaware. If you need an independent medical exam, or if you just want to find out more about how they work, reach out to Manonmani Antony, MD, DABA, DABIPP, and her team by phone or by arranging your appointment at either location via online scheduling today.

Independent Medical Evaluation Q & A

What is an independent medical evaluation?

An independent medical evaluation is an exam that a licensed physician performs on an injured party. Although most accident victims already have a physician and may visit their personal physician for care after an accident, that physician could potentially have some level of bias that might affect their assessment of the patient's injuries. 

In an independent medical evaluation, the physician is completely impartial and has no previous connection to the accident victim they're examining. Independent medical exams are very common in New Jersey legal cases. While they're most common in workers' compensation cases, they're also part of auto accident cases and other kinds of injury cases. 

When do I need to have an independent medical evaluation?

If you're injured in an accident and the responsible party is potentially liable for major medical and/or pain-and-suffering costs, their attorney might request that you have an independent medical evaluation. Sometimes, the court orders an independent medical evaluation.  

Another example is a workers' compensation case where your employer's insurance providers request an independent medical evaluation. If you're involved in any legal case where you're injured and there's a dispute or potential dispute regarding liability, there's a good chance you might need an independent medical evaluation. 

If you’re the responsible party or the employer of an injured individual and want to make sure the victim really needs the treatment they’re getting, your attorney might request an exam of this type.

Why should you see an interventional pain management provider for an independent medical evaluation?

Often, after an accident, dealing with the pain is the most difficult part of the recovery. The interventional pain management specialists at Sussex Pain Relief Center have extensive backgrounds in dealing with all types of chronic pain, and they're uniquely qualified to judge the medical condition. They can also evaluate treatment thus far and determine whether there might be a more effective solution for the pain. 

The Sussex Pain Relief Center team is completely impartial, and they always ensure that you get the most honest evaluation of the situation when you need an independent medical evaluation. 

Whether you’re an employer, an attorney, or an injured party, you might need to set up an independent medical evaluation at Sussex Pain Relief Center. Book online or by phone now.