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Whenever you suffer an injury, your body's initial response is to send platelets to the injured tissue since they help with healing and new cell growth. Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) treatment at Sussex Pain Relief Center in Georgetown and Lewes, Delaware, delivers a tremendous infusion of platelets to the area where you’re hurting to help you start healing quickly. Manonmani Antony, MD, DABA, DABIPP, and her team also offer stem cell treatment, which delivers stem cells to your painful tissue to start regeneration and relieve pain. Call either office or use the appointment scheduler online now.


What is PRP?

PRP is your own blood, in a highly concentrated form that retains only the platelets. Because platelets are so essential in the body's normal healing process, a large infusion of concentrated platelets (the PRP) can promote faster and more effective healing. This relieves many types of pain, including frustrating back pain, neck pain, arthritis pain, and many other kinds of chronic pain.

PRP can help to heal any type of tissue, from soft tissue like ligaments and tendons to hard tissue like bone. PRP also draws stem cells to your damaged tissue. Stem cells are important because they're your natural "blank" cells. A stem cell can specialize, which means it's able to transform into any kind of particular cell that's needed. So, a stem cell can replace damaged tissue with healthy tissue to relieve your pain. 

The Sussex Pain Relief Center team may recommend stem cell therapy, in which they inject stem cells directly around your damaged tissue. Stem cell treatment may be the preferred option if you've actually lost tissue, such as if you have chronic back pain related to degenerative disc disease because it replaces your tissue at an accelerated rate. 

Both PRP and stem cell therapy can be extremely effective in reducing pain, so the Sussex Pain Relief Center team recommends the ideal approach for you.

How do PRP injections work?

The Sussex Pain Relief Center team takes your blood shortly before your PRP treatment. They use a centrifuge to rapidly spin your blood sample until the platelets separate from the rest. This intensely concentrated platelet solution is then used for your injections. Your specialist typically uses fluoroscopy (X-ray guidance) to place the PRP injections perfectly. 

How many PRP treatments do I need in total?

It depends on your pain and your condition. Many patients have dramatically less pain after only one or two PRP treatment sessions, with further improvement after additional treatments spread over time. 

At Sussex Pain Relief Center, the dedicated team also gives you a wide variety of pain relief strategies and tools to help you implement sustainable lifestyle changes in the long term. These lifestyle changes can work together with the PRP treatment for lasting pain relief.

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