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If you sustained an injury in an auto or work-related accident, Manonmani Antony, MD, DABA, DABIPP, and her team at Sussex Pain Relief Center in Georgetown and Lewes, Delaware, can help. The providers work to restore your full function without the use of addictive drugs or invasive surgeries. Early treatment is the best way to avoid long-term issues. To schedule an assessment for work and auto injuries, call or book online today to receive professional care for your condition.

Work and Auto Injuries Q & A

What are work and auto injuries?

Work and auto injuries have an extensive range of presentations. The types of trauma vary based on how you sustain your injury in either setting.

If you have experienced a work or auto accident, you may have one or several of the following injuries:

  • Broken bones or fractures
  • Lacerations or tissue damage
  • Back and neck problems
  • Concussions or head trauma
  • Sprains and strains
  • Herniated spinal disc issues

Injuries to the spine can cause a limited range of motion, a stiff neck, headaches, shoulder and neck pain, and more.

Sometimes, a spinal injury can result in paralysis, which is why it's essential to seek treatment at Sussex Pain Relief Center right away. Here are some benefits to prompt treatment:

  • Getting immediate injury treatment (one week or sooner) is both medically and legally beneficial
  • Initial treatment will focus on controlling pain and diminishing any swelling. Failure to receive fast and proper treatment after an injury could result in long-term chronic debilitating pain.
  • If you do not get treated soon, insurance companies refer to it as a ‘delay in treatment’, and will use this as a reason to deny your claim. You run the risk of losing any financial benefit.

If you experience any of these issues, it's crucial to schedule an appointment with Sussex Pain Relief Center to start treatment for your condition. Their expertise gets you back to normal, which is their top priority.

What treatments are available for work and auto injuries?

Each injury receives personalized attention and care. At Sussex Pain Relief Center, Dr. Antony, or a member of her team, build treatment plans around your specific condition. During your first appointment, Dr. Antony will:

  • Create a personalized treatment plan to stop your pain and get you back to normal.
  • The plan includes comprehensive pain treatment including physical therapy, medical massage therapy, spinal injections, and appropriate medications.
  • The Sussex Pain Relief Staff is knowledgeable about the documentation you need to support any injury claim you may file. The staff communicates with your adjuster and attorney (if you have any) to get the care you need without delay.
  • If you need to be off work for a few days, you will be given a leave note for work which is very important for you to retain the job while you are recovering from the injury.

In some cases, you could need physical therapy or physical manipulation to help heal your issue. Spinal alignment is recommended in some cases to relieve undue pressure surrounding the back or neck area, especially if a herniated disc is involved.

How long do treatments for work and auto injuries last?

Treatments for injuries are designed for your specific condition. In most cases, patients require several weeks or months of treatment with follow-ups recommended once your condition has become manageable.

If you're experiencing chronic pain, your course of treatment can last longer. If you require physical therapy, expect more than one session to treat your issue.

What are the benefits of receiving treatment from Dr. Antony?

Dr. Antony has more than 15 years of experience in treating pain caused by workers comp and auto injuries. Her dedicated, fully-trained staff is available to handle the complicated legal paperwork and billing issues.

Sussex Pain Relief Center has also established a network with attorneys that makes communication easy and timely to solve issues about your injury claim.

Other benefits include:

  • Meticulous medical documentation of your injuries help get insurance coverage
  • Comprehensive, multimodal, personalized pain treatment helps you heal faster
  • Early appointment (48 hours) given to you provided you have all the claim information
  • Dr. Antony is an experienced well-trained expert witness, who has written many narrative reports, performed effective deposition testimony, and will help you to settle the case on your behalf.
  • The team makes it easy to receive the quality care you need when you need it most.

If you've been in an auto accident with injuries, call or book your appointment online today at Sussex Pain Relief Center to receive top-notch care.